Best 2022 casinos for real money casino games

Real Money Casino Games: You will find the top best casinos here!

When you go to a casino or arcade, you are gambling with real money. This can mean that you can lose money, but of course, if you play it smart, you can also win money. You never think of playing for fake money in a machine arcade or casino. If you bet nothing, you can’t win anything either. At online casinos, you certainly can. You then play with practice money, with which you can discover the online slot machine. On our site, you can simply try out the very best online slots. For this, you need to be on our demoplay page. This is convenient and instructive. Read more about online casinos, real money, and gambling here.

So what’s the difference between playing in a “real” casino and an online casino?

You don’t have to be Albert Einstein to understand this. Let’s sum it up for convenience:

  • One can play in an online casino on a tablet/mobile. This gives you faster access to a wide range of games offered by the online casino.
  • An online casino is always available. You immediately access a game. There is no waiting time like in a land-based casino.
  • Costs are less for an online casino. Therefore, more bonuses can be wagered and you can turn more profits.
  • An online casino is faster. The dealers at the table games shuffle faster. The betting time is a maximum of 20 seconds.
  • You can sit in your bathrobe and have no hassle of changing clothes and getting out of the house.
  • An online casino has free spins. A land-based casino does not.

So playing at an online casino with real money offers many great advantages. Beware, however. Gambling with real money can be addictive. Make sure you are conscious of what you are doing. Now read all about which online casino you can choose to gamble with real money.

Best online casinos, different games and playing with real money

  1. Unique Casino
  2. 20Bet Casino
  3. Stake Casino
  4. National Casino
  5. Bizzo Casino
  6. VulkanVegas Casino
  7. Ice Casino
  8. 888 Casino
  9. Monopoly Casino
  10. 22Bet Casino

Why gamble online with real money?

If you have played with play money to try out different games, you can decide to gamble online with real money. You can then make a deposit and play for small or high stakes on your favorite slot or casino game. The amount of your bet is, of course, up to your own wallet. Always only play with money you can afford to lose; it should remain fun. Many people are used to going to a real casino. This always means going out and then waiting to see how busy it is. At our online casinos, you can simply gamble at any time of the day and literally anywhere. A large selection of real money casino games online is also a significant benefit. Give it a try and sign up now at the best online casinos.

Best 2022 casinos for real money casino games

Gambling online with real money gets you a welcome bonus

One reason to gamble online with real money is that you get a nice welcome bonus. There are many casinos that give you double or even more in bonus money on your first deposit. Another reason is that you enjoy gambling online with real money and want to try to make a nice profit. Of course, you can make a nice profit or win a jackpot, but always keep in mind that it will always cost money in the long run. If you keep it fun, you can think of it as a hobby that you can easily play from home. That’s another reason to gamble online with real money. At an online casino for real money, you can easily choose to play for just an hour or half an hour without going out.

Online games where you can gamble with real money

There are many famous money games you can play. Some games you play at home with a bunch of friends, but for other games you will have to go to a casino or gambling hall. Just do this at home! All of the games found in a land-based casino are also available in online casino gambling for real money. On our website, you can find all the information you need about the numerous real money casino games available online. Below are the popular casino games listed:

  • Online Roulette: a widely played game in online casinos, both on a slot machine and in the live casino
  • Online Blackjack: the card game where you can easily try to double your bet by beating the dealer
  • Online Baccarat: another casino table game that is becoming increasingly popular
  • Online Scratchcards: some online casinos also offer this well-known way of gambling

The online slots where you can win a lot of money

Online slots, of course, have their own section. There are literally hundreds of them in the online casinos; this is because the reliable online casinos use the best online slots from the software developers. There are some very good developers who have made the best-paying online slots. The online casinos make use of different providers, so the selection is really big. We especially like the online slots with spectacular bonus games. If you get one of those bonus games, then you can get really big wins. Below are some of our favorite online slots:

  • Bonanza: with a unique bonus game that can pay out hugely
  • White Rabbit: a fun themed online slot in the atmosphere of Alice in Wonderland. (Follow the White Rabbit)
  • Book of Dead: a popular game where some players have won more than 1,000 times their stake
  • Starburst: the most played online slot, often also used for the free spins you can get

In our Unique Casino review, we have covered all the real money games that this operator has to offer.

How to deposit into your account if you want to gamble with real money?

If you want to play for real money in an online casino, you need to deposit money to your casino account. In a land-based casino you walk to the cashier’s desk and buy chips, this can be done with cash money or via your debit card. You can deposit money to your online casino real money balance in several ways. Our best and reliable online casinos have this important part all well taken care of. A first requirement, of course, is that you can pay safely. At our online casinos, all methods of payment are safe. Two other important aspects are the cost of payments and speed. Many payments are free of charge for players. This is, of course, our preference. When you make a payment using the well-known and secure payment methods, you will have your money in your casino account immediately. For cashing out, this varies quite a bit from one payment system to another. Our top 4 casinos all accept the good payment methods below.

Payment methods

  • Skrill: an easy way to pay while maintaining player privacy
  • Neteller: accepted worldwide, its use is similar to paying with PayPal
  • Paysafecard: a debit card that allows you to keep a close eye on your casino budget
  • Credit cards: the well-known cards such as Visa and MasterCard can be used really everywhere
  • Internet banking: the most widely used and fastest way to pay and receive money

How do you get winnings back into your bank account when you gamble with real money?

If you grab a nice win then suddenly you have a lot of real money you want to get back. At all the casinos listed here, this is no problem at all. You can have the money paid out to the method you used to deposit. If you deposit with Skrill you will also have to have it cashed out to your Skrill account and for Neteller it counts too. Payouts to these eWallets are often processed and in your account within a few hours. If you have your money cashed out to your bank account, bear in mind that it will take around three days before it is credited. You will also have to verify your account for a first withdrawal. This often takes a day or 2. Contact customer service and ask them to process the payment immediately. Then you will often have your money in your bank account the same day.

For real money gambling at reliable casinos

Whichever secure way you choose to pay or cash out, it is essential which online casino you choose when gambling with real money. That’s why we have listed all the important features an online casino must meet. We check all online casinos on these points. This means, of course, that many secure payment systems should be present. We also look at the best welcome bonuses, as this is a good opportunity to discover the casino. So there are many points to consider. Therefore, choose from our top 4 online casinos. All these good and reliable online casinos meet the points below.

How do you know if a casino is reliable when you are going to gamble with real money?

  • Valid casino licence: this lets you know for sure that the online casino, gambling with real money, has to follow some basic rules
  • Fair games: through verification from various bodies, games from reliable software developers
  • Good customer service: where you get quick and professional answers
  • Fast payouts: payment systems where security and speed are important
  • Lots of casino games: a large selection of only the best real money casino games online
  • Secure site: protected by an SSL certificate, protecting players’ data

Choose your own online casino if you want to gamble with real money

If you’re going to gamble with real money, it’s important that you do so in a place you can trust. You know when you walk into a casino that you are safe there. There is surveillance, and there are cameras. At an online casino, of course, you don’t see these things. That’s why it’s important that you look for a casino that can be completely trusted. Now, on Casino Bonus Radar, you will never find an untrustworthy casino, but there are some things we always look out for.

We look at the MGA license (Malta Gaming Authority), as this is an organization that keeps a strict eye on everything. We also look at customer service. A trustworthy casino always has clear and honest customer service. We also look at the payment methods and the different game providers. This ensures that we have a top four list of casinos where you can play for real money in a secure environment.

Many different bonuses if you want to gamble with real money

If you are convinced that you do want to play at a reliable online casino, then the choice is quite large. Our online casinos are all good and reliable. But the nice thing is that there are many different welcome bonuses. You can try several, so you can get a good feel for your chosen online casino. There is also a difference between welcome bonuses, where you get free spins or bonus money right away without depositing. You can also choose a deposit bonus, which means you have to deposit money first. These welcome bonuses are big; the choice is yours! There is so much choice, which is why we have listed all the matching welcome bonuses below.

Different types of bonuses

  • No deposit bonus: this is the welcome bonus where you do not have to deposit any money, all you have to do is sign up and you will receive money to play with immediately or free spins
  • Free spins bonus: a bonus where you get free spins, this can be directly at sign-up, but can also be at first deposit where you get many free spins
  • First deposit bonus: the first time you deposit money in an online casino, you can receive a very nice bonus, e.g. double the amount you deposit.
  • High Roller bonuses: if you want to deposit a large amount right away, you can take advantage of these usually large welcome bonuses
  • 500 euro bonus: here you get bonus money up to 500 euros, using a percentage of your deposited amount that you can receive at most
  • 1000 euro bonus: the same as the 500 euro bonus, but with this one you can receive as much as 1000 euro extra, for this you often have to deposit a higher amount

Bonus wagering requirements

With all bonuses in an online casino for real money, there are bonus requirements. This usually includes a wagering requirement. We call this a wagering requirement. This wagering requirement is a safeguard so that bonuses are not abused. How to calculate the number of times you must wager. The wagering requirements are indicated by a ×. So 10x is ten times wagering the bonus (depending on the deposit amount or bonus amount). After that, the bonus becomes “real money.” So wagering also causes a delayed payout.

Note: You cannot withdraw this as cash. It can only be played with. It is always important to realize that you should not focus on high bonuses; lower bonuses may have lower wagering requirements, and therefore you can earn “real money” faster.