ALIGN-CCUS ‘Wiki’ launched

The ALIGN-CCUS team is committed to maximising the dissemination of the project’s R&D achievements. In addition to the project's website, quarterly newsletters and busy schedule of webinars, we have now added an informative, attractive and accessible ‘Wiki’ to our knowledge sharing activities.


The ALIGN-CCUS Wiki, launched today, is a web-based knowledge platform that has been developed collaboratively by key experts active in the project. Integrated into the ALIGN-CCUS project website, the Wiki provides user-friendly access to the objectives and outputs of the project.     

The information contained in the Wiki has been developed to communicate the project’s activities to non-experts in the field of CCUS. Detailed information on the scientific undertakings of the project can be found in the published reports, conveniently linked to the various sections of the site.

Tom Mikunda, work package leader and contributor to the Wiki, said: “From the outset, the team made a commitment to set a new standard in the way that EU R&D projects disseminate their findings, particularly by improving the way that the public can grasp the scientific impacts of the project from a broader perspective”.

The ALIGN-CCUS Wiki will be continually updated throughout the final months of the project until it concludes in August 2020.    

If you have any questions regarding the content of the project, or the Wiki itself, please get in touch with the ALIGN-CCUS team.